Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last night I worked on mail orders and then started on Camp.  We go up north next Thursday morning so I better get moving.

My dining room table is full of yarn, books, needles, bags and kits that need to be made into door prizes.  As a knitter it is nice to see every time I walk through the door but for everyone else it looks like a giant mess.

I also started on the Welcome Packages and continued with the Fashion Show. Yesterday morning I was feeling very anxious that things wouldn't get done but today I am feeling much better.

Our parents are currently on an Alaskan Cruise.  It is actually a quilting cruise that my mom found on the Internet last year.  Mom didn't have to twist dad's arm too much to go.  :) This is their third Alaskan Cruise and definitely not their last.  Beth talked to my dad early yesterday afternoon and then I talked to my mom last night.  Dad picked out some great adventures to do. Yesterday he was going zip lining.
Enter the Fly-Zone! This eco-adventure combines the thrill of gliding above the treetops in a rich rain forest on more than 6,000 feet of dual-cable zip lines, suspension bridges, and a ground-based trail network. At the outfitting base camp in the forest, your trained guide will outfit you with state-of-the-art safety equipment and provide a detailed safety. Then, hop into a Mercedes Unimog 4x4 all-terrain vehicle to ride up the densely forested hillside to the first zip line tree platform. This is your introduction to nearly a mile of dual high-tension cables, linking a network of platforms mounted high in carefully selected old-growth spruce trees. Your guide will progressively ease you into the forest canopy along ten zip lines. Cross two aerial suspension bridges, with breathtaking views of spectacular Bullion Creek, and enjoy unique views of Juneau from the treetops. Discover the hidden ruins of the historic Treadwell Mine (operated 1881-1917), one of the world's largest gold mines, and zip over a 150-foot-deep "glory hole." From above, see the ruins of the original mine refinery, where millions of dollars of molten gold was poured into ingot molds. Throughout this award-winning, nature-based adventure, the sights and sounds of Alaska’s rain forest will surround you. The last zip line takes you to a final platform to experience the thrill of rappelling into base camp. Back on terra firma you will receive a light snack and be presented with a custom cast Alaska Canopy Adventures medal in recognition of your achievement.
Totally jealous.  Mom went into Juneau and visited a quilt shop.  I'm hoping she found me some cool fabric.

Since I started writing this I have talked with my dad.  His adventures yesterday were amazing but he is stiff today.  They zipped in different spots, many times through the trees with the branches hitting them on the head. He said he woke up during the night thinking about how great it was.  Today they are in Skagway and he is going on a Wilderness Safari.
If you seek a taste of the Alaskan wilderness this trip is for you. It takes you face-to-face with a massive glacier in one of the most spectacular settings on the planet. Your adventure begins aboard a comfortable catamaran as you watch for whales and sea lions and explore the rugged beauty of Alaska's deepest fjord. After landing on the beach at Glacier Point, take a short drive and a ¼-mile walk. Then, the forest opens suddenly to the first breathtaking view of the glacier tumbling from the towering mountains into a pristine lake. Boarding a stable 31-foot voyager canoe, you’ll paddle off toward the glacier face that grows ever larger as you approach. The intense blue of the ice sharply contrasts with the polished granite walls and vibrant green forest. Throughout your tour, expert guides share their extensive knowledge of the area. A tasty box lunch is served on board the catamaran.
I did my least favourite thing in the world today-sew on buttons. Lynda finished this project a few weeks ago and I have been procrastinating.  Now I can say it is done  The yarn is Freedom Wool and the pattern is from Twilleys book 463.

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