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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where is that email?

I am sitting upstairs in front of my Mac.  I was looking for an email I can't find on my laptop and hoped that it was saved on this computer.  No such luck.  I couldn't help myself from logging on and typing away.  It is nice to type on a real keyboard.

Beth and I are going to Long Beach (California) at the beginning of January for a trade show.  What is on the way to California??  Of course we are looking at going to Vegas for a few days.  Or more than a few days if we can swing it.  We need to be in California on January 6th for a meeting but could postpone our arrival until the 7th if we had to.  The show starts on the 8th.  I originally thought we should fly to Vegas on the 3rd and then realized that January 1 the store is closed so why not leave then.  Now I need to find the email from the Mirage with an offer for cheap hotel rooms!!

Yesterday we checked the weather report many times and it said a chance of rain.  One mm.  We thought that it didn't sound like much so we headed off to the golf course.  After finishing the first hole it started to spit.  Not a big deal.  It actually felt nice.  Then it started to come down.  I suggested we wait a minute before teeing off on the second hole and then the sirens sounded. Back to the clubhouse where they said it was looking like rain for the next few hours.  We got our money back and headed to Maple View.  Lunch and a trip to the Coach store.  I didn't buy anything but there are some interesting bags for fall.  Beth is yelling at me to put in the post that she beat me at golf yesterday.  My streak is over.  One hole and she got me by one stroke. Hardly a win!!

Jane and I worked like crazy in the store today.  The Noro Kureyon is now on the shelf in numerical order and we straightened up the Cascade 220.

We received an order from Namaste today but the new bags aren't ready yet. Hopefully they will be here in time for the Knitter's Fair.  This is the Hip Holster.

The Messenger Bag and Hip Holster in black.
Durability meets Style with the brand new Messenger bag from Namaste.

  • Constructed of durable, PVC free materials that are animal-friendly and luggage quality
  • Laptop tested with interior padding to protect & separate your computer from the rest of the bag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with pad
  • Bag expands by up to 3" in width with exterior zipper feature
  • Features many extra pockets for organization
  • Gun metal hardware accents for a unisex appeal
Beth has asked for a Messenger Bag in Peacock.
Brand new from Namaste, introducing the Hip Holster:
  • Constructed of durable, PVC free materials that are animal-friendly and luggage quality
  • Dual functions include belt attachment feature & adjustable shoulder strap option.
  • Dual compartment design for extra organization
  • Gun metal hardware accents for a unisex appeal
  • Ideal for airport or city travel, small projects or gadgets, and for people "on the go"

Beth is playing poker and once she is done we will be watching the season finale of Hell's Kitchen.  Beth picked Jay from the start and I picked Holli.  I think Beth is going to win this one.

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