Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Tomorrow morning I have some of the 'upper management' from Rowan coming to visit.  That means the store has to be in tip top shape.  This morning I ran to Brantford (left home at 8am-much earlier than my normal start time) to buy more mannequins so that I can get more sweaters up on the walls.  The mannequins are dressed in brand new clothes and up on the walls showing off beautiful sweaters.

My next chore was to make up more kits for the Linen Stitch Scarf.  There are many colour combinations available in the store right now.

Unfortunately I still haven't knit on my shawl.  It sat on the front seat of my car all day.  Don't worry, I cracked the window a bit.

Mr. UPS came with some boxes of Rowan yarn and books-inside was Studio 20.
Rowan Studio Issue 20 by Grace Melville is a combination of the Spring/Summer 2010 denim on denim trend, and the modern safari trend. The yarns Denim and Pima Cotton DK are perfect for reflecting these key looks. Using pattern and textured stitch detail in the Denim and adding soft sculptural details in the Pima Cotton DK created a collection just right for this summer.
Also in the box was lots of Rowan Renew.  There will be a package going to Lynda very soon.  She is going to knit Winter Aconite for me in Lorry-a great combination of grey and brown.  Before anyone asks, yes I could knit this for myself but I have a few projects in the way right now. If Lynda does it then it will be ready for me to wear at Camp.

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Sally said...

"Don't worry, I cracked the window a bit."

Nearly spit my tea on the monitor when I read that.