Monday, August 09, 2010

Ten Done

I'm back.  I got on a roll with my knitting yesterday which meant no blog post. I have finished the ten repeats of my shawl and am ready to start working on the border.  I don't know if you can see it in the picture but there are stitch markers along my work now.  The border pattern has a different number of stitches to it than the main pattern.  If I just start the border pattern it won't be centred so now I have a bit of figuring out to do.

Now I have a problem with the cutting.  I want to invite everyone to the store to see me cut but I need to give you some notice.  I don't think I can get it done for Saturday which means next week.  TENT SALE.  Do I wait until the Tuesday after Tent Sale?  Will this leave me enough time to get it finished for the Knitter's Fair?  Questions like this keep me up at night.

How about Big Brother!!  Rachel is not a very nice person.  She is so mean to Brendon and he takes it, begging for forgiveness like a little kid.  Seriously, get some backbone.  She is going to campaign against you this week and you are confessing your undying love for her.  I'm not sure who I want to go but I'm thinking Rachel.  That whiny voice is like fingers on a chalk board. And those clothes.

I should be working this afternoon but if the weather is nice Beth and I are sneaking out to the golf course.  It could be my last round of the year so I'm not going to pass it up.

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Sally said...

What about doing the cutting at the tent sale? It might be interesting and a good way to stop and make everyone breathe? Could do it the last day to encourage return shoppers.