Thursday, August 05, 2010

Special visitor

There was more rearranging today because we received a big shipment from Naturally yesterday.  I have almost everything where it needs to go.  I was all set to put it in today's post but now I have pictures of something better so there will be yarn pictures tomorrow.

I also started a newsletter.  Hopefully it will be ready to go out on Monday.

Jan and Hannah visited today from Niagara.  We normally don't have dogs in the store but it was so hot out that I couldn't let Hannah stay in the car.  

She came in to lay on the tile floor and was very happy.

What a beautiful dog!!

Ms. Canada Post came in with a parcel from Ann. Here is Ayako (a KnitWhits pattern) finished.  Fabulous.  The colours of Noro Silk Garden show up so well in this design.

My knitting is not progressing as fast as I would like it to. Wild Saffron stays in the store but there hasn't been any store knitting this week. The Malthese Shawl is at home but the rows are getting very long. This weekend will be spent knitting or I won't meet my deadline.


Irene said...

Love this shawl, and Hannah is gorgeous.

purplekatkin said...

This is very beautiful.I love the colors.