Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick post

I just got home from the Tent Sale and am making a quick post before bed.  It is going to be so quick that there won't be any pictures until tomorrow.

The day was great-many knitters came through.  We had a small (okay really, really big) problem this morning but everyone was great about it.  I dropped the debit machine.  SMASH.  Pieces everywhere.  Of course it didn't work the rest of the day.  We accepted credit cards and I hope to have a new machine tomorrow.  Thanks to all for their patience today.  We did manual credit card slips.  Yes, that machine where you put the card in and then special paper and slide a handle across and back.  This slowed everything down but knitters are very happy, forgiving people.  :)

We went through a lot of yarn but luckily there is still a bit in storage that we will be getting out in the morning.

Okay, I lied.  I am going to watch Big Brother quickly and then bed.  Sweet dreams all.

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

I drove by on my lunch and the parking lot was packed!