Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Deep Taupe Vegan Snakeskin
I have carried Jordana Paige bags in the store for a few years and am excited to tell you about a new bag coming out this fall.

The bag is called L.J. Kaelms.  I will have to find out what the name means.

From Jordana's website

  • • Row of eight pockets for tools and needles.
  • • Three credit card slots.
  • • Small zippered pocket.
  • • Key loop.
  • • Large zippered pocket divider.
  • • Two circlets™ to prevent your yarn from tangling.
  • • Two yarn pockets below each circlet™.
  • • Removable zipper pouch.
  • • Large zippered pocket.
  • • Two shoulder straps with shoulder drop of 9.5".
  • • Feet on bottom.
  • • L 11" x W 7.5" x H 12"
  • • PVC.

  • • Deep Taupe Vegan Snakeskin
  • • Teal Blue Vegan Snakeskin
  • • Deep Red Vegan Pebbled Leather
  • • Lucky Green Vegan Pebbled Leather

Lucky Green Vegan Pebbled Leather
The bags have been ordered and will be in the store mid-October.  Just in time for Christmas.
Teal Blue Vegan Snakeskin
Deep Red Vegan Pebbled Leather

Felted Tweed Aran and Colourscape Chunky
When dad was in the store on Saturday measuring up for the new shelves I mentioned that I wanted to change how we displayed sweaters in the Rowan Room. There is a large wall at the top of the stairs but we aren't using it well. Now there are many sweaters hanging and I like it.

I have been using Blogger for a while but today was the first day that I noticed 'add a caption' to a picture.  Cool.

There are many boxes going out tomorrow including yarn for Wannietta and Lynda.  New garments for the Knitter's Fair because I don't have enough new for the booth.

I am heading home now and getting the needles out.  There is still knitting to be done on Malthese and the deadline is looming.


katkin said...

How much are these bags?

Julie said...

The price will depend on the exchange rate at the time they are shipped from the US. I am guessing at this point somewhere between $95 and $105.