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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Post take two

I started a post this morning and have been adding to it all day.  Big problem with that.  Every time I left the post and came back the layout got messed up. By the end I had pictures overlapping pictures and pictures overlapping text. What a mess. I then tried copying some of my text into a new post. That didn't work so I hit delete and am starting again. I guess someone was trying to tell me that what I was doing wasn't very good and it should be thrown out.

Not much knitting was accomplished last night because a little thing called a nap got in my way.  I was so tired when I got home from work that there was no way I could keep my eyes open to knit.  After the nap I got back to my shawl.  Eight and a half repeats are now complete.

Ms. UPS came in this afternoon with a box from Rowan and in the box was the new Rowan Studio 19.
Rowan Studio 19 by Grace Melville is inspired by the fresh pastal shades seen up and down the Spring Summer 2010 catwalks. Light weight, floaty layers in sherbet shades and lace are this issues key themes, created in Kidsilk haze and Siena.
There are some really cute designs in the book.  I am on my way home and will not be adding any pictures until I get there.  No more messing up!!

When I got home from work Beth had already started dinner.  Thank you very much!!  Now I can start adding the pictures-my fingers are crossed that it goes better this time.

Two pictures are added and I can see trouble ahead.  All was good until I started adding captions to the photos.  I am about to add the third one and now my toes are crossed along with my fingers.

Bag things are happening again so I am taking out the captions. The pictures did not go back to where they belong and the process to make it right is very long so I am leaving them where they are hoping that you can read everything that I have written.  If words are missing please don't worry.  There wasn't anything important.  :)

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these look really good.