Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh My Gosh

Can you believe that today is the last day of August?  Where has the summer gone?

Ms. Canada Post came today with two boxes. The first had the Christel Seyfath sample garments.  Amazing!

This is the Flower Power coat.

Seriously beautiful!!  I am very excited to have this for the Knitters' Fair and Camp.

There were three other garments in the box but I am going to spread out the pictures.  This makes sure that I have nice pictures all week.  :)

My shawl is coming along.  I just did the purl row (turn back row) of the border which means I am at the half way point.  32 more rows and I am done.

My parents are going on an Alaskan cruise in two weeks. They aren't excited.  :)  Beth and I are rolling our change so they can take some of it to use in the casino.  They are addicted to the Piggies slot machine  There is a rule in our house that you can't spend change on anything.  Go for a coffee-use at least a five dollar bill.  Grocery store-bills only. Dry cleaners, drug store, gas... All change collected is rolled and it is our 'food fund' for vacations. Unfortunately Beth is eager when she starts but then loses enthusiasm quickly.  She won't roll anything smaller than quarters.


Unknown said...

OMG indeed - it's gorgeous!! I'm really looking forward to seeing the other garments!

Sounds like you need a minion!! LOL I save up coins (pennies, nickels & dimes) in a bear shaped peanut butter jar - then it's Amanda's job to roll. Not quite the job that's on your table though!

purplekatkin said...

That is an amazing coat.Must take a long time to knit it?.