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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Noni Patterns

I am going to start with happy things.  A parcel just arrived with new Noni patterns.

The Scoop.  Make it felted or unfelted.

Cascade 220 and Cascade 220 Heathers are the perfect yarn for these bags.  We have many, many colours in stock.

Yoga Bag and Everything Totes.

The totes look like they can hold a lot of yarn.  :)

The Cinch.  Another bag that you can make felted or not.

Cross Over Bags.  What a way to use up some yarn!!

My chore today is to start making kits for the Knitters' Frolic Fair. Wow.  I just wrote Frolic.  I know I like to get things done early but that show is in April.  :)

The day did not start well.  When I got to work I couldn't get my computer connected to the Internet.  I tried and tried. Restart the computer.  Unplug the modem. Restart the computer. Unplug the phone cord. Restart the computer. Empty my Cache. (That was a bad mistake because now all my passwords are gone-Ravelry, Twitter, Blogger-I have to try and remember them all).  I finally broke down and called my Internet provider.  There is something wrong with my modem. Please come to their office, downtown Hamilton, to get a new one.  The weird thing is that I can print wirelessly through that modem but she said it is the modem.  I waited a few minutes and called back.  No, the Internet was out in our area and should be back any minute.  It is working now but I am still mad at myself for trying to fix it myself.  I will be trying to remember passwords for the next few weeks.

Then the mail came and I got a letter from the Ministry of Transportation that my vehicle is not insured.  Seriously.  What is going on?  I called my broker and yes I have insurance.  Then I tried to get the Ministry of Transportation. That was an all afternoon job.  The lady on the line had no idea why I got the letter and said not to worry.  It's a little late for that!

It is 5:30 and time for me to head home.  I think a dinner out is in order and then some time on the couch knitting.  My poor shawl has been neglected for two days.  I will sit down and figure out the numbers.  Maybe Beth will help me.  :)


Wanderingcatstudio said...

LOVE the cinch bags!

katkin said...

Those bags are so nice.Can we order them from you and How much are they?.

Julie said...

I have the patterns in the store. They are $9.99 each.