Saturday, August 14, 2010

Garments on display

The sample sweaters from Rowan are here.  Beautiful.  They look good in the book when you see them in person you will say WOW.

Swaddle knit in Drift from the magazine Winter Drift.

I thought I wanted this when I saw the magazine but then I talked myself out of it. Now I am definitely going to make this. 10mm needles so it will knit fast.

Frances knit in Lima (pattern from Heartland Classics magazine).  This is the new colour 891 La Paz.  A beautiful red with a purple undertone.
And a close up of the pattern.

The yarn really shows off cables.

Hiker and Rambler are both knit in Cocoon.  The patterns can be found in Rowan 48.

Right now they are sitting on top of boxes but once the Tent Sale is done we can display them properly on the wall.

Purelife Autumn is one of my favourite books for fall.  I am knitting in the new Purelife Renew and didn't consider these two patterns but now that they are hanging in my store I am definitely thinking about them.

This is Winter Aconite.  Lynda please hurry with your knitting because I really need this coat!!!  Deciding the colour is going to be difficult.  Beige, brown or charcoal grey?

Winter Sweet and the Ruffled Scarf are a great combination.

Obviously I need to knit a lot faster to get all the garments that I need for fall.

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Unknown said...

They look awesome Julie!! I'm going to have to come in again just to try on Frances - not that I really need to try it on to know how totally in love I am with Lima!!!