Saturday, July 03, 2010

Y&R Marathon

Last night Beth and I went upstairs to watch TV.  After the first episode of the Y&R Beth couldn't stop.  She wanted to see Victor find Adam.  At 1am I finally went to bed.  I think she would still be watching if I didn't quit.  We didn't watch any other story lines-I had to figure them out while she was fast forwarding through them.

I did get some knitting done and am into the fifth row of flowers on the Malthese Shawl.  Nascar is on tonight so I should get more knitting accomplished.

We are going to see lots of big, thick yarns again this fall.  This makes me happy-quick knitting. :)

Rowan has a new yarn coming out called Drift-100% merino wool chunky-think of a marled Big Wool.

This is colour 902.

And this is colour 908.

Who can complain about knitting on 10mm needles?

Here are two garments that I really, really need from the new Winter Drift magazine.



This might be the first garment I knit when the new Rowan arrives.  I love the knit/purl pattern and it looks great in the marled yarn.

Here is the whole magazine which combines Drift and Big Wool.

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