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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wild Saffron

I have been running around the store with a tape measure for the past hour. It would be better if I had a measuring tape that goes longer than 60" and isn't cloth!!  I am hoping to hit my dad with my wish list for new shelves while he is tired and doesn't remember what he agrees to.  :)

In the newsletter that I sent out yesterday I talked about Renew from Rowan. Here is the poster for the Purelife Autumn magazine.

This is Wild Saffron.

I am enjoying knitting with Renew.  What?

I have been holding out on you.  Friday night a bag of yarn and the new Purelife Autumn magazine went home with me.

I am onto my fourth ball of yarn and just started the yoke pattern.  The stitch pattern (16 rows) is interesting but not hard.

Have you been watching this season of Big Brother?  It is truly amazing-we are on season 12 and people still have no clue how to play the game.  This is how I would play the game which we know isn't going to happen because I am way too emotional.  I would be that girl who cries every show.  Why does that girl go on the show?

-Spend 10 minutes a day with each of the other contestants.  Play a game (checkers, cards or shoot a game of pool), help with a meal or talk but get to know everyone in the house.
-Hang out with the masses.  Don't hide in your room when everyone else is sitting outside.
-Don't make an alliance until later in the show.  Just fly under the radar being friendly to everyone.
-Don't be the person who runs to the Head of Household making suggestions on who to put up for elimination.
-Go with the majority.  If everyone is voting out Susie then I would vote her out as well.
-Do not get involved with someone else on the show.

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