Friday, July 23, 2010

Rearranging again

I am sitting at the kitchen counter trying to work.  I could be doing the parcels for the post office.  Or I could be updating the website.  Instead I am looking at my supplier's website to find the new colours of fall Noro and I found more pictures from the upcoming books.  I don't know when these will be arriving but my guess will be the beginning of August.

From Noro's magazine 28, knit in Kureyon Sock.

Very lightweight and extremely cute.

Kogarashi is a new yarn for fall. Again, we haven't been given a delivery date on this yarn but I am hoping sometime in August.

51% silk and 49% wool.

The recommended needles are 5mm-6mm.  Not a light sweater but not bulky either.  Just perfect for a fall day outside.

I showed some pictures from Jenny Watson's new book a few weeks ago.  Here is another one.

Very cute tunic knit in Silk Garden Sock.

It is many hours since I started my post. The day has been busy in the store-many customers as well as moving things around.  Trying to make all the new Rowan fit has become a challenge. I decided to throw some older yarns into boxes for the tent sale (any RYC yarns we had along with odd balls of Wool Cotton and Felted Tweed).  Here is one of my shelves rearranged.  Felted Tweed, Wool Cotton and Lima are now in order and I mean that literally.  Now all the colours are on the shelf in numerical order.  The website has been updated for these yarns as well and an order is placed for some colours that we are missing.

The apple baskets on the right used to house Felted Tweed and now they are holding Felted Tweed Chunky.

Now it's time to get back to the website.

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