Monday, July 12, 2010


We have been here for a couple of days now but true to a vacation in Myrtle there isn't enough time in the day.  I keep saying that I need to write a post but somehow I can't get in front of the computer to do it.

This is the condo that we are staying in. Who is the we?  Beth, our cousin Paul, Paul's daughter and I. Mom and dad's house is full and we have no where to sleep.

Todays round of golf was played on The Parkland-one of my favourite courses.  It is extremely long which makes it really hard but I love the challenge.

Here is another picture of the course.  The greens on the Parkland are huge. 

The Parkland is one of the three courses at The Legends (where mom and dad's house is.)

This is the clubhouse. They don't build them small in Myrtle Beach.

The house is very noisy!!  A poker game is going on at the kitchen table.  I am in my mom's sewing room watching the Home Run Derby. 

The only shopping I have done so far has been at the golf store.  Balls, gloves and tees but nothing exciting.  I am hoping to go to the Outlet Mall tomorrow afternoon after golf.

I can't tell you how we have spent our time here but it seems like we are always on the go.  My knitting is still in the suitcase.

My bed is calling-we have an early tee time in the morning at another one of my favourite courses.  I need to get a good night sleep so my game is good!!!

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Irene said...

Have a good time and get knitting.