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Friday, July 02, 2010

Fourth repeat done

We had a great time golfing yesterday.  My score wasn't very good but I hit the ball much better than on Sunday.  Beth had an amazing round.  My plan was to get some knitting done last night while watching the Y&R but Melo was quite upset by the fireworks-he needed to sit in my lap.

I spent a lot of time knitting in the store today.  Boxes arrived that should have been unpacked but there will be time next week for that.  :)

One more row and the fourth pattern repeat will be done.

The Rowan website has the preview to Magazine 48 available now. We hope to have the magazine in the store the week of July 19th.

Here are some of my favourite designs.

Knit in Felted Tweed Aran.

I love the shape of this jacket as well as the colours used.   How can you go wrong with purple and teal?

Also knit in Felted Tweed-I don't know if Aran or Chunky.

Normally I get a poster showing all the garments from the magazine along with the yarns used.  This time there are only three sweaters on the poster-not a lot of help.

Fabulous cables.  It is shown on a man but there is no reason why a woman can't wear this sweater.

I'm not sure about the belt but the sweater is beautiful.  You will be seeing lots of cables this fall.

Since I am on a roll with my knitting today I am going to move upstairs and knit some more.

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