Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fall Noro

It is Wednesday night and I am starting Thursday's post early.  I really want to go to bed but must get some laundry done before I can pack and until I pack there is no sleeping.

Unfortunately there was no knitting Wednesday night so there are no pictures for Thursday.  The shawl will not be coming on vacation with me.  If the weather is nice there will be no time for knitting.  If there is rain I will be in a house with thirteen people.  Not the best conditions for knitting.  I have Noro Kureyon packed to work on squares for my Log Cabin Afghan.

I was looking at one of my supplier's websites to get a last minute order done and found the cover to Jenny Watson's new book for fall.

Here are some more pictures from the book.  I don't know what yarns are used but can you really go wrong with a Noro sweater?

Sorry that the pictures are so small. They are the only ones I could find online.

After work an email came from Amy at madelinetosh.  My shipment of tosh vintage is leaving the US this week. We will be receiving
Composition Book Grey
Ms. Taylor

There could be a lot of new yarn in the store when I get back.  :)

We are flying out of Buffalo on Friday morning.  Beth has issues about getting to the airport early-we can't get there early enough for her.  You never know what the traffic will be like or how things will go at the border so we are staying across from the airport Thursday night.  It means extra sleep in the morning.

It is now Thursday morning and I am in the store.  Yesterday really was Beth's birthday.  For the past two years Beth has had birthdays at random times during the year-whenever it suited her.  In 2008 she had a birthday in October during Knitting Camp.  In 2009 she had a birthday in January.  We were at TNNA in California and while eating out there was an amazing chocolate cake for birthday people.  Of course Beth had a birthday in January.  Then she had another birthday in September at Knitting Camp.  Really, whenever it suits her she makes it her birthday!!

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I totally love the little short-sleeved one!!