Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have been working on a newsletter and the website at the same time.  The newsletter is something I work on and then need to jump to something else.  I then go back to the newsletter and after rereading it change things.  This will go on for a few days until I am happy with the results.

On the website I have added
Norah Gaughan Volume 7
Berroco Book #298-Blackstone Tweed and Blackstone Tweed Chunky
Blackstone Tweed - new colours are added but I am waiting for Korey to update the shade cards
Blackstone Tweed Chunky - the yarn has been added and I am waiting for Korey to put the shade cards up  (I called Korey yesterday to get him moving and his grandmother just passed away so I couldn't push the issue-hopefully next week.)

In the new Berroco booklet #298 there is a great scarf knit in Blackstone Tweed.  More leaves-I love it.  All of a sudden I am really into long scarves that can be wrapped around a few times.  The jacket is knit in Blackstone Tweed Chunky.

Many knitters want to work in the round so that they don't have to sew when finished.  When I was adding Reid (also from book #298) onto the website I read that the sweater and sleeves are knit in the round and then joined to do the neck in the round.  Not your traditional 'knit in the round' sweater.

Mom and dad are leaving for Myrtle Beach on Friday so we are having family dinner tonight.  They are driving a new vehicle (Ford Edge just like me) but don't have a clue on how to work some of the great features.  I will be giving them a lesson tonight.  I am also packing some things for them to take.  Beth and I are going in July for a few days and it will make my luggage much lighter if they take my golf shoes.  Yes, two pairs.  I can't wear the black/white shoes with brown pants!!

Did you feel the earthquake today?  I received an email from Dawn saying that her apartment in Toronto was shaking.  Then Beth called to say that weird things were happening-it felt like an earthquake hit her building.  She was working on the computer and her chair was shaking.  I was talking on the phone while this was going on and didn't feel a thing.  Nothing.  I thought they were nuts until I read people on Twitter talking about the earthquake.

While this was all going on Mr. UPS came by again.  This time there were two boxes from Blue Sky Alpacas.  The new colours from BSA and Spud & Chloe have arrived.  Seriously.  People are really trying to tempt me!!

I showed a great scarf a few weeks ago-leaves done in Spud & Chloe Outer.

This is a new colour of Outer called Rocket.  In real life it isn't this pink-more watermelon.  A really beautiful colour.

Then there is Grape Jelly-the new colour in Sweater.  Anything in purple and I want it.  This is a beautiful, dark purple that will look great in a cardigan for me.

When I was at the Yarn Market News Conference a year ago there was a seminar on blogging.  We were told that a blog post should only be two paragraphs long.  I am way past that with lots more to say so I going to end this post and start on a post for tomorrow.  Why is there so much to say some days and absolutely nothing on others??

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