Monday, June 14, 2010

Classic Elite

The show is finished and I am sitting in the lobby of the hotel writing while I wait for Bev.  When she gets back from a meeting we are heading out to do some shopping.

Last minute orders were placed this morning.

After the work was done then it was time to say goodbye.

The Classic Elite booth was finally empty so I could take pictures.  Technically we aren't allowed to take any pictures on the show floor but Betsy said I could.

Classic Elite displays their yarn in the most amazing way and it makes you want to buy everything!!

I am currently working in Portland Tweed (Dryad) and love the yarn.  Here is a Portland Tweed cardigan for fall.
Twinkle Soft Chunky is a bulky weight yarn that makes great scarves and hats.

The colour selection is amazing.

This fall Classic Elite is doing a pattern book for garments in Soft Chunky.  As soon as I get the book one of my knitters will be making this vest for the store.  I can already see in hanging in my booth at Knitter's Fair.

Short sleeve cardigans are very in style.  Soft Chunky is knit on huge needles and you can have a finished garment in a week.

Classic Elite also distributes Jil Eaton patterns and yarns.  Can't you see your little one in these bright, fun garments?

Bev is knocking at the door so I need to run.  While we are out Beth is going to nap.  One day of shopping is more than enough for her.

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Michelle B said...

LOVE that Portland Tweed cardigan!!! The fall queue has officially begun.