Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another rainy day in Southern Ontario

I am glad that there wasn't a golf game planned for today!!

Here is a picture from the side door of the store during the worst of the rain.  Not a happy looking day.

Mr. UPS just came in with two boxes from Berroco.  The full line of Blackstone Tweed Chunky is here along with all the magazines for fall (including Norah Gaughan Volume 7).

I have been going through my 'favourite' list on Ravelry to see what I am going to knit with the chunky.  I am leaning towards Juliet or Abigail.  I just can't stop myself!!!

It has been a long time since my last newsletter so I am trying to get one written and out tomorrow.  We should be announcing the dates of the Tent Sale in the newsletter.  I am just waiting for St. John's to confirm that the dates are okay.

Thanks to everyone who had suggestions for getting the stains out of my shirts.  Beth and Bev emailed me a suggestion-get tie-dyed shirts in food colours and then the stains won't show.  Thanks guys!!

It is now early evening and the sun is shining.  Here is the plant that sits on our front porch.

Very colourful and you know that I like to have colourful pictures on my blog.  Beth and I dutifully water the plant every day to keep it looking pretty.

By the way, I didn't bring any of the new Berroco Blackstone Tweed Chunky yarn home.  I am going to continue on with my Jane Slicer-Smith vest tonight while watching Hell's Kitchen and Deadliest Catch.

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Unknown said...

I think Beth and Bev could be on to a new fashion trend!