Saturday, January 02, 2010

Norah Gaughan Volume 6

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year. We spent the night at John's with our kids. They played Wii and we played Euchre.

Thursday afternoon, just before I closed, UPS brought a box from Berroco. It included the new magazines (including Norah Gaughan Volume 6) along with new yarns.

These aren't on the Berroco website yet so I warmed up the scanner.

The cover sweater is called Peltigera and is knit in Pure Pima. I will be looking at this yarn next week in California.

Choice is knit in Seduce and Bonsai. You knit two sections in Bonsai and then 2 sections in Seduce. Very easy knitting!!

Did Norah think of doing the buttons up wrong when designing Rain or did it happen when doing the photography? Very interesting way to wear it.

Rill-cute over jeans or dressed up for the office.

We have carried Seduce in the store for a few years and now we have Seduce Colors. Berroco doesn't have the new colours on their website yet so I have opened the bags, put them on the scanner and here they are. The colours aren't exact but are very close.

This is 4483-Drift

This is 4481-Dreams (used for Rill)

My job over the next few days will be finding a great place in the store to display the yarn.


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Irene said...

Love the first sweater. Love the first sweater. Must learn to knit again.