Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm going to Seattle

Yarn Market News is a publication for yarn shop owners. The articles have amazing ideas and I read every issue from cover to cover.

This March I will be going to Seattle for their third conference. I attended the last two in Chicago. It is two long days of speakers but well worth it.

My hotel is booked-no problem. Airplane tickets were a whole different animal. I have a lot of Aeroplan miles with Air Canada so I always try to use them when I fly. I also like to fly in Business. The seats are bigger, more leg room, on the plane first (and close to a bathroom), off the plane first and my luggage comes quickly. A normal business class ticket to the US is 40,000 miles. When I first started looking at flying to Seattle it was going to be 170,000 miles. Last week it was up to 340,000 miles. Beth and I can fly to NZ in first class for less miles than this. I decided that I would pass on the conference. Then in I changed my mind and really wanted to go. Yes, there are days when I have a real problem making a decision. I looked at the Aeroplan site yesterday and there was a flight I could take for 40,000 miles. I fly direct to Seattle. Good news. The fun comes in flying home. I fly to Calgary, sit for 4 hours and then fly the rest of the way home. Not the ideal situation but I still have lots of miles.

Absolutely no knitting was done yesterday. Accounting took over my evening. The good news is that my GST return is done and my year end is almost done. When I finish this post I am moving upstairs to watch Idol and knit. The first front might be finished tonight.

Many of you are waiting anxiously for the new Rowan. I am too. The books and yarn were shipped from the US on January 22. Fingers crossed the shipment will arrive this week. I will post here, on Twitter and on Facebook as soon as it arrives.

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