Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Back

For the past few weeks I have been in a knitting rut. I think it might have coincided with my New Year's Resolution of not starting anything new. Anytime I looked at my current knitting I just turned up my nose and decided that I didn't feel like knitting that day.

Yesterday I took the back of my Debbie Bliss tweed jacket to work and finished a few rows. Last night while watching TV (Barrett-Jackson auction) I finished to the armholes. Look out-I am back!!!

Here is another one of my all day blog posts. I started this before I left for work this morning and it is now 6pm.

I took out some needles and swatched the new Aya from Noro. I think that the yarn is a double knitting weight-22 stitches to 4" on 4mm needles. Great news. You can use the Aya for any pattern calling for Silk Garden Lite or Chirimen.

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