Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am knitting away

Everything in my life is on hold right now so that I can get this jacket done. The first front is done and joined to the back (gotta love the three needle bind off). I quickly basted in the sleeve for the picture. The second front has been cast on and I am done the first twelve rows of moss stitch.

We received a surprise shipment of Noro yesterday. In Kureyon there are three colours from the past.
52-blue, purple and green

161-rust, brown, green and purple/pink
183-green, turquoise, grey and beige

Damn Noro. 52 will work great in my new Log Cabin Afghan. 161 and 183 are perfect for my Lizard Ridge. I am supposed to be finishing off other projects!!!

In Silk Garden we received a colour that I don't think I have seen before and I definitely want a sweater out of
248-beige, green, peach and purple.

How about the Y&R right now? I am thoroughly enjoying it. Even Beth is watching. Victor and Jack working together to get Tucker. Jill and Katherine fighting again-I am so happy about this because when they were friends it was very boring. Billy going after Adam with the help of many others. Great TV!!!

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