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Friday, January 29, 2010

Eight boxes of yarn and books

Today was crazy in the store. I was at work before 10 (we don't open until noon on Fridays) to make sure I caught the UPS driver with my Rowan. Sometimes he comes before we open and then I don't receive the shipment until Monday. I wanted the books and yarn today plus I didn't want Jane to have to deal with it all on Monday. The Rowan looks great. I really want to knit with Revive (the recycled yarn) but can't start anything new!!!!

As I was unpacking the Rowan when Mr Canpar came with two large boxes of Debbie Bliss yarns and books. The new Eco book and yarn is here.

I will be back in a minute. Beth is going to swatch her Olympic sweater but I need to cast on for her. She is standing beside me and breathing over my shoulder, reading what I am writing so I had better do it for her before I hit her.

Okay, I am back now. She is complaining that I am making her swatch. "I knit to tension. I shouldn't have to do this". How does she know that she knits to tension? She has only knit scarves before. Now we are having an argument because she claims she knit a sweater 20 years ago. She doesn't know what she did yesterday but she can remember 20 years ago "like it was yesterday". Now she says that if you want the real story you can read her blog. None of this made up stuff.

Okay, back to business.

Amalfi is another new yarn from Debbie. 70% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 10% Linen, 5% Silk in beautiful shades.

She has now knit 7 rows and wants me to check her tension. This is going to be a long night. Now she is reading over my shoulder telling me that I have spelling mistakes. Seriously. If you read that there was a murder in Ancaster on Friday night....

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