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Friday, December 11, 2009

New Cotton

Blue Sky Alpacas has a new yarn out. The shipment has left the US and it will hopefully be in the store on Monday or Tuesday.

Multi Cotton is Dyed Cotton with multi-colours.

From the Blue Sky Alpacas website, "You love our Dyed Cottons, the new Multis have the same springy feel and softness you expect with even more inviting colors."

What a great baby pattern!! The blanket takes 3 skeins of a solid colour and 2 skeins of another solid for the border. I am thinking of the whole blanket in a Multi. The Kimono takes 2-3 skeins of Multi-Cotton and 1 skein of Dyed Cotton for the borders.

This season of Survivor is the best ever. Russell is amazing. Everyone doubts him yet they never talk about voting him out. It is hard to believe that at the merge Foa Foa was outnumbered 8-4 and now they have the numbers 4-3. What was Galu thinking??

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