Sunday, December 06, 2009

Monday afternoon in Vegas

We arrived home late last night. Dad picked us up at the airport and took us to their house. A surprise was in their driveway for me-my car arrived. I didn't get to really check anything out last night but did play some this morning. My blue tooth is set up so now I can legally talk on the phone and drive.

Here are some pictures from Monday in Vegas. There are a lot of pictures to share so I will break them up into many posts.

Beth and I headed over to Fashion Show Mall. The shoes at Nordstroms were awful and you know they had to be bad for me to say that. The only thing I bought at the mall was mascara.

From the mall we headed over to the Palazzo. This is the new hotel beside the Venetian. Here is the registration area. Beth wanted to touch the pumpkins to see if they were real but her arms were too short to reach.

We then stopped in the Venetian. When walking through the shopping area there are living statues. This man stands there all day and doesn't move. Beth left him some money before taking his picture and he winked but other than that nothing.

I am in awe of their ability to stand there. I would want to talk with people as they walked by.

Monday night we returned to the Palazzo to watch the football game. There is a great sports bar called Lagasse's Stadium (yes Emeril). You know you are in a great sports bar when there are TVs in the bathroom. We had a great time and the right team winning made it even better.

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