Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mirage Volcano

There are a bunch of Vegas pictures (close to 50) that I downloaded to my computer today.

These are from our last night. The Mirage opened 20 years ago. The huge draw was the volcano out front that erupted every 15 minutes once it got dark out. They just redid the 'show' so we decided that we better see it before coming home.

Sorry that the pictures are a bit fuzzy. My phone doesn't have a flash.

The show now goes off once an hour. People start lining the streets early to make sure they can get a good view.

Beth and I had Christmas dinner with Jane and her family last night. The food was great and my present was amazing. I will have pictures tomorrow-Jane finished my Tumbling Blocks afghan. Dad is coming tomorrow night so we can figure out how to hang it. Beth and I are hosting Christmas dinner again (for 25-30) and I want it on the wall.

Today was spent watching football and doing a bit of knitting. Tomorrow is running around doing errands-mail, banking, paying bills and having my nails done. Maybe some Christmas shopping. It is my last Monday off until February so I better make the best of it.

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