Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I thought we said no gifts this year

What is that really big package beside the tree???

On Monday night Beth and I set out to Golf Town to look for a present for our friend John. John didn't get anything but his girls (also referred to as my kids) did. They had the most amazing set of Junior Calloway golf clubs. Beth and I were so jealous. When we learned to golf they didn't have these great clubs in a great golf bag!!! They have an Odyssey Two Ball putter-the same as Beth uses. If you aren't a golfer this doesn't mean anything to you but ask a friend/spouse who does golf. They will explain.

The tree has many other presents under it as well. So much for less this Christmas.

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Irene said...

Dear Beth and friend, I always read your post, but seldom comment but today... I just did this, said no presents and here I go.
Your tree looks lovely, and the spirit of Christmas has overcome you, and thus you must buy stuff.