Monday, November 02, 2009

What a gift!!!

Ann emailed me this picture and I had to share it. She made this amazing Noni bag for her mom-Merry Christmas Mom!! My mom better not get any ideas-I am not making one for you. Ann has been working on this for some time-the bag is huge and there is a lot of knitting and finishing involved but the finished product is to die for. Absolutely beautiful!!

I am currently sitting in the office upstairs. There are no lights in the office. Maybe I should buy some light bulbs. I needed to print some cheques and my printer can be very finicky so I need to bring the laptop upstairs. Writing cheques is quite an ordeal. While they are printing I am working on my Mac writing this. My Mac has a 24" screen which looks like a big screen TV after working on the laptop. The cheques are done now so I will be moving back downstairs.

I went to Toronto today. One of my suppliers was having an open house showing the new yarns for spring. I was going right by Yorkdale-the Expedition pulled in-I had no choice but to go shopping. The only thing I bought was a Christmas present-can't say anymore. The next stop was Creative Bags. We are almost out of bags for the store. $500 later-bags, wrapping paper, some store display stuff. My next stop was a shelving/retail display store. I bought a few 'feet' to display socks. Wanted to try them before I buy more. I also bought some Styrofoam heads. These will be useful for displaying hats and scarves.

Woolly Bully from Estelle Designs is a 50% Wool, 50% Acrylic blend. This is a free pattern available online. There is a new pattern coming next week for a hat and scarf. I saw them knit up today and it made me cross the warehouse and pick up bags of yarn.

These are some of the colours that are currently in the back of my truck.
Now I must sign off-I have three newsletters to write tonight!!

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Brenda said...

That bag is stunning