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Thursday, August 13, 2009


All my pictures recently have been the store. Here is Roko sulking. He was mad last night because I wouldn't take him out and play ball with him. Roko can run up and down the yard forever chasing a ball. He is beside me right now looking at me with very sad eyes.

John arrived early this morning to start the tile. Did you know that tiles have dye lots like yarn? There was no way we could match the original tile in the store so I went to a totally different colour.

The colour is a bit off here. The lights were already out when I realized that I didn't get another picture. Dad and John will finish laying the tiles in the morning. The edges need to be done and then the grout.

Tim will be coming in the afternoon to hang the new lights so we can actually see what we are doing.

Cathy spent the day in the store tidying the bathroom. Old shade cards-throw them out. Faxes about cheap vacations-in the dumpster. While she was having fun I was with Beth being her shipping assistant. Many boxes went out by Canpar and Canada Post.

I saw the rest of my cabinets today. The new cash desk looks great!! Dad says they will be put in on Saturday afternoon. I'm starting to get really excited.

Big Brother is about to start so I am heading upstairs. I hope Jeff uses his coup d'etat power and puts up Jessie and Nathalie. That will make for a great show!!!

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Sally said...


No more Mr. Ego.

Did you see the shirt he was wearing???!!!