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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pack Rat No More

I have been working since 6:30am and need to take a break.

Dad and I spent the morning cleaning out the back room. There was a lot of junk. Why was I keeping that old Christmas tree? I did find a treasure though. My bucket of old Rowan chunky yarns. How many of you remember Bright Tweed?

It is now 10pm and I have relaxed on the couch watching some TV. Two episodes of Y&R and Deadliest Catch. I remembered that this post was started and thought I better finish it quickly so I can fall into bed.

The dumpster is half full already. I spent some time going through the back room and then asked my dad to throw everything out. The clock radio with a cassette player has been in the store for a while. Beth hasn't looked at her skis for over 10 years.

After the kitchen cabinets on Saturday it will be overflowing.

The back room is almost cleaned out. There are a few bags of yarn that we need to move out and then the glass shelves can come out. The book shelf in the store is being cut in half and mounted on either side of the window.

This window is being knocked out and will become the doorway into the library. The wall in the background is coming down to make a large room with more shelves.

What was Ronnie thinking last night when he threatened Michelle? I would have called everyone into the house and make him repeat what he said. It's not hard to believe that he wasn't liked in high school.


Wannietta said...

WOW!!! Let the light shine in!!! LOL I'll have to show these pics to Kyle - he'll never believe that this is the same storage room.

Ronnie is such an ass that I'm surprised that he hasn't started sprouting long ears & begun braying occasionally. I won't be sorry to see him go; I only hope that whoever gets the secret power doesn't use it this week and that Jesse & Natalie don't find a way to save his sorry hide.

CanarySanctuary said...

Exciting to see what's happening to the store!