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Monday, August 10, 2009

Another job I don't want

This morning started out with a dentist appointment. Not my idea of fun. A tooth had to be refilled.

On the way home (my dentist is 45minutes away-gives me some alone time) I called Beth and she was in a panic. A huge shipment arrived from Italy. There was 4 skids of boxes-at least 10 boxes on a skid. This had to be put away NOW because there was a truck on the way with another shipment-this one from New Zealand. I picked her up a sandwich and headed to the warehouse.

My first job was putting yarn on the shelves. Unfortunately these were the top shelves and I had to keep climbing the ladder. I don't like climbing the ladder. I complained loudly about this so she gave me another job.

The boxes all have labels detailing what is inside. My next job was to go through the boxes and cross the yarn off the packing slip. The packing slip was 15 pages long and was not in alphabetical order. This took forever. Of course I complained about this job as well. The warehouse was very hot today. Why do the boxes have to arrive on the hottest day of the summer?

My next job was to start picking orders. Big mistake. I kept finding colours that I don't have in the store. 2 bags for XYZ Yarn Shop and 2 bags for The Needle Emporium.

From my warehouse job I went to the store. It is looking good. Tomorrow morning dad is pouring a special cement on the floor that will level it. Then the drywall will be done. Tiles on Wednesday?? The rest of my cabinets were measured today. These should be ready by Friday so as soon as the painters are done they will be moved in.

From that job I went to job #3. I spent a few hours working in the office of the construction company.

I forgot to take pictures today so here is a surprise. This pattern (Bailey) didn't make it into Rowan's Colourscape Folk and I have been told that it will be a free pattern on the Rowan website. Keep checking their site for it.


Wannietta said...

It sounds like Beth needs an assistant. Who loves yarn & menial repetitive tasks and has learned to not roll in the yarn. Don't bother taking resumes, I know the perfect personHmmmmm ...

Hey, it looks like that one cable near the bottom is a couple of rows longer than the rest - this was a shot that called for her hands to be a bit lower. Unless she's covering up a bigger mistake? Hmmmmm ...

Michelle B said...

I can't remember the last time I found a rennovation play by play so very enthralling. I can't wait to see the finished product. That Rowan Colourscape sweater is lovely and Wannietta's right - looks like a rogue cable.