Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Job #2

There is a long story behind this that will just make you want to fall asleep so I am going to give you the short version. My dad and three friends bought a water park in Wasaga Beach. The slides were built but the wave pool needed to be finished. The construction was done in time to open for the summer of '86.

We couldn't hire enough lifeguards in Wasaga Beach so some of my friends from Hamilton were hired to go up for the summer. This caused another problem-where were we going to live? Easy solution-build a house for 16 people. Yet another problem-16 teenagers living in a house together. The solution to that was very easy-hire a den mother. Audrey was going to live with us for the summer. She wasn't there to cook or clean but just to make sure we didn't get into trouble. Bad for my parents but great for us-Audrey was an alcoholic. A case of beer a day (24) followed by her bottle of CC. We pretty much did whatever we wanted that summer.
Our house was the place to be. The rest of the staff spent most of the summer living with us as well. It wasn't unusual for there to be 10 people sleeping on our living room floor.

We worked hard that summer and played even harder. When the park shut down at the end of summer I moved from Wasaga Beach to Waterloo for my first year of university. I missed all frosh week activities because I needed to catch up on sleep after one crazy summer.


nadine said...

love this. Thanks for sharing.

Andrew Mckay said...

Hello from Wasaga Beach.

Great story. Unfortunately the water park is now closed and looks a bit forlorn waiting to be destroyed :(