Friday, February 06, 2009

When I went to bed last night (very late because I got caught up in my knitting) I had three strips complete and the fourth almost done. I finished the fourth at closing time tonight. Now the fun begins. I need to pick up the whole length of a strip and knit six rows. Those stitches are left on a holder and then the whole length is picked up on the next strip. After knitting six rows the two strips are joined by a three needle bind off. Luckily I like to pick up stitches.

I have many customers who I have never met in person. There is Phyllis in Whitehorse who has been a customer of mine since I opened. She found my name in the back of the Rowan magazine and we haven't looked back (there is yarn in my truck for her right now). One day we will meet!! About two months ago I received a desperate phone call for some Noro. Christina was in need of yarn and couldn't find it near her. A few weeks later she called from Florida. She was on vacation and finished all her knitting-HELP-send yarn. We speak on the phone once a week and this morning she made the drive to the store. It is always a joy to put a face with someones voice. You always have a picture in your mind and I was very close with Christina. Thanks for visiting today-did your husband see the yarn? Hopefully the day will come when I can meet all my long distance customers-there are a lot of them around the country-thanks for remembering my phone number when you need yarn and knitting advice.

How about Hell's Kitchen last night? Why did Ji quit? I would have waited until the morning to see how I was feeling.

The weather here is supposed to be warm tomorrow. Enjoy!!! And don't forget that Nascar starts tomorrow night :)

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Rhonda said...

Stop teasing me with that afghan! It looks amazing! My yarn is still sitting there calling me.