Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I know that you are all excited about the Super Bowl later today. I want Arizona to win and Beth wants Pittsburgh. Should make for an interesting afternoon.

I just couldn't stop myself. This is Red Earth by Kaffe Fassett from Rowan #45.
Summer Tweed is the yarn used which is a blend of Cotton and Silk. There isn't much give to the yarn so I went down half a size needle to make a tighter knit. I like the look so far. This picture was taken Thursday afternoon and I have completed another 20 rows since then. There are going to be a million ends to sew in which doesn't make me happy. If I was knitting in wool I would knit the ends in but with the cotton these will be noticeable.

Mom and dad arrived in Hawaii on Wednesday evening and are having a great time. They like to call home and tell us the weather there is warm. Thanks. Flying isn't something they like to do or so they say. They flew business class to Hawaii so they had more seat room, closer to the washroom, etc. Friday afternoon (morning in Maui) my mom calls and they are going on a plane to see Maui from their air. A small plane. What?? (Yes I did say something more explicit to her on the phone). When she called yesterday she said they all enjoyed it.

Beth has moved into their house to look after their dog Tui. Mom was very concerned that Tui wouldn't eat while they were away (the dog could stand to lose some weight) but so far she is doing fine. However, she did not like going to Beth's warehouse on Friday. The whole time they were there Tui cried which almost made Beth cry out of rage. Beth and the dogs are on their way over to watch the big game-hopefully our house is acceptable to the dog.

Go Arizona!!!

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