Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, it lasted a couple of weeks and then yesterday I didn't post. I worked in the store all day on the computer cleaning up the website and adding new pattern books and featured patterns-including Blue Sky Alpacas patterns that customers have been requesting. When I got home I thought about posting but really didn't have anything to show or tell.

Last night I washed my Noro Transitions sweater 'Holly'. If you come into the store you will recognize this because I wear it all the time-hence the bath.

Laying out on the bathroom floor. It is now in the bathtub rolled in towels trying to get the excess water out.

Soak was the wash of choice. The bottle says one capful in a gallon of water. I used more because it was in the tub but then I was concerned about the bubbles. I didn't think there should be any but this morning when I looked at the Soak site there is a picture of a girl washing her teddy bear and there are lots of bubbles. I feel much better now. Check out the Soak website which details the uses for the product-knitting, quilting, lingerie.

My choices from Idol last night are Adam, Allison and Megan Joy. Why do some of them come out and sing such boring songs? Wow me!!

Tonight I have class followed by Survivor and Hell's Kitchen.

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Michelle said...

What BSA patterns did you get? Did you get the new Alpaca Silk shade - passionfruit I think it's called? Love that one.

Cookie A teaching in Oct. sounds exciting.