Saturday, February 28, 2009

SO your FO

It was another busy Saturday in the store-I'm not complaining. Here are some pictures of finished objects for you.

Lisa was very excited last week because her cardigan was done and she needed buttons. Here it is. She wore it in this morning and wasn't happy that I made her stand outside in the freezing cold to get a picture. The cardigan fits her perfectly-according to Lisa the best fitting item she has knit. The design is Martha from Rowan 37 knit in 4ply cotton.

Bev came in wearing Clapotis knit out of Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold. She didn't want her picture taken but the 10% off her purchase today got her outside quickly.

Marg is wearing the shrug knit out of Silk Garden Chunky from Mini-Knits from Jenny Watson. Very cute and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. See more pictures on Marg's blog.

Don't forget that Celebrity Apprentice is starting tomorrow night. What a weird group of people. Joan Rivers? That is going to be interesting.

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