Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Income Tax

Posting every day is proving to be difficult on days like today.  No knitting was done so I don't have any pictures.  Two boxes of yarn arrived but the details of those are being saved for newsletters.

I am going to tell you about a piece of mail I received today.  Before I had a yarn shop I went to university to studying accounting in a co-op program.  I had five work terms (four months each) in an accounting office and was the 'tax queen' of my office.  All the hard returns were put on my desk.  I also checked all other tax returns before they were mailed to the government.  Today a letter came from the government that I made a mistake on my tax return.  WHAT?  I entered the wrong amount of tax.  I paid $3000 in tax but entered $2000 on my return.  Luckily it was in my favour and my letter today included a cheque for just over $1000 (don't forget the interest).  Maybe Beth should do my return the is year.


Sally said...

Can you make a mistake on mine and get me $1000?

I promise I'll spend half in the store.


Unknown said...

Sounds like the chance card from Monopoly! LOL I'll 2nd Sally's comment too!!