Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Last Friday I sent yarn to my knitter Lynda. I thought it would take her a while to knit but an envelope arrived today and here is the finished project. This is the Clapotis knit in Lion and Lamb from Lorna's Laces. I talked with Lynda yesterday and she told me she couldn't stop. 'The pattern was fun and I loved the yarn' was what she said.

Mom and Dad arrived home safe and sound but not without more problems. We arranged for a limo to take them to the airport and pick them up-our friend Frank owns a limo company in Ancaster. Frank called just as they were about to land and his car had broken down. Now what do we do? There is no way to contact the parents or their friends-no one took their cell phone (Why would you take a cell phone with you?) Beth jumped in my Expedition and took off for the airport. Just before she got there Dad called and said they were fine but where is Frank? Then we found out that one of their suitcases didn't make the flight so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

The Carpenteros (the group my dad goes to Honduras with) are hosting a Valentine's dinner tomorrow night in a school gym. All the money goes to help the people in Honduras so it is a very good cause. Beth and I start the evening out running the coat check and then will be serving dinner. After desert we are back to our post and handing out coats. It is a very long night but it's for a good cause so we don't complain.

Have a good Valentine's Day. Don't forget-Daytona 500 tomorrow at 2pm!!!

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