Thursday, June 12, 2008

Heritage Days

We arrived home safely on Tuesday night. I will post on the weekend about some of the great yarns and accessories that were ordered at the show.

Heritage Days is this Saturday in Ancaster. Normally Wilson St is closed from Rousseaux (right by the store) to the other end of town from 10-11am. This year the road is closed from 10am-1pm. A parade runs through town but doesn't start until after the store. There will be a police officer at the corner of Rousseaux and Wilson but I don't know if they will let you down the road to the store. You might have to park at the corner and walk. Sorry for any inconvenience-the signs were posted while I was away and I just saw them yesterday.

Gotta run. I have errands to do but I wanted to let you know about Saturday.

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