Friday, April 04, 2008

Flags, Feather and Fan

Mom and dad arrived home from Myrtle Beach on Tuesday night. While there they went flag shopping and came home with enough to get us through the summer. These are the spring flags and my dad is very impressed with himself. He put them up and then made me go look at them. Here is a picture so you can be impressed as well-small things make him happy.
This is the Feather and Fan cardigan from Classic Elite. Lynda sent it to me at the beginning of the week but I had to sew buttons on it. (Yes Wannietta and Rhonda, I did it myself!!) The indoor picture is a truer colour but the outdoor picture shows the cardigan off better.

We are receiving more yarns for the Knitter's Frolic.
From Fiesta there are new colours of Baby Boom sock yarn.
We are also carrying Oceanwind Knits fingering weight yarn.

I have started one front of my Noro Silk Garden lite cardigan. Lots of time watching tv this week-it's okay to do that if you are knitting. :)
-CSI Miami-you would think that with the writers strike there would have been lots of time to come up with something better than that
-American Idol-I wasn't impressed but Dolly Parton songs wasn't an easy task
-Hell's Kitchen-there is nothing bad to say about that
-Big Brother-are these people idiots? There are never going to get James out of the house
-Survivor-merge next week


Rhonda said...

I love the new flags. The cardigan is pretty too. Are you sure your mom didn't sew on the buttons?

Samantha said...

I love the flags. By far, however, my favourite flag of all time was the one that looked like pants.

The sweater is gorgeous.

Who are you rooting for on Survivor? Do you watch ER? It is starting up on the 10th.