Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mystery project and shawl pins

Here is the neck on my mystery project. I have finished all the knitting and spent some time today knitting and ripping the neck. The problem is that it has to look good from both sides-now it does.

The rest of these pictures are shawl pins that are handmade in British Columbia. I love them and use them on many garments in the store.

These pictures are for a mail order customer-Phyllis lives in the Yukon and has been a customer of mine since the store opened. I have no idea how she found us but I have been mailing her yarn for almost 20 years. She needs a pin for a vest so I have taken pictures to show her the different shapes that are available. Because the pins are handmade, no two are alike in colour.


Unknown said...

Hmmm - some sort of reversible something I'm guessing. Can't wait to see it!

Samantha said...

Those pins are gorgeous. :)