Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New purse patterns

While searching the internet tonight I came across some amazing purse patterns. This is just a sample. I hope to have these in the store within the next couple of weeks. You can see the rest of the patterns on the Noni pattern website.

The 'Around the Bay' knitting guild met tonight. We are getting new knitters joining us every meeting. I am going to teach the Moebius cast on at the next meeting. Check out the guild blog for more information. Samantha should have this posted in the next couple of days.

I actually did some knitting today. Got the back done on Kilcar and the sleeve almost finished at guild.

The shipment of Mountain Colors Bearfoot finally arrived today. I already have another order in since the wait time is so long.

Beth and I are getting ready for our trip to San Diego. We leave next Friday morning for a trade show to see the spring yarns. Unfortunately the San Diego Chargers (football for those who don't know) will be playing either Saturday or Sunday in a playoff game so we will have to go. My dad has told us that he will be disappointed in us if we don't. Can't disappoint dad!!! The show runs from Saturday until Monday afternoon. On Monday afternoon Beth, Bev and I will be flying to Las Vegas. Can't go that far and not visit. We will be meeting up with some of the folks from Trendsetter Yarns. Tuesday night we are taking everyone to see 'O'-the amazing Cirque du Soleil show. We take the red eye home Wednesday night and back to work on Thursday.

LP-if you are reading this-thanks for your help today!!

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