Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Project

You are probably saying that I mentioned a new project a few days ago. I am not knitting the Jane Ellison sweater-Jane is going to knit it for me.

Color on the Side is almost done. I was finishing the sleeve last night and ran out of yarn. It is a long way to the yarn store (okay, just downstairs) but I didn't feel like going so I set it aside. Hopefully tomorrow. Here is a picture as I was starting the sleeve.

This is my latest project. You can find the pattern at It is called Lizard Ridge and I am using Noro Kureyon but in earth tones instead of the bright colours. You knit 24 squares and sew them together. The square is knit from both ends of the ball to give the striping pattern.

I had to rip out my first square after it was finished. One thing the pattern doesn't state is that you need to make sure that you don't have both ends starting with the same colour. There is more yarn in a ball than needed to make a square so you can cut away some at one end so that your striping works out. You need to be careful if you are going to do this. The pattern calls for 21 balls but I would suggest 24 and then you don't have to worry about the striping. Another word of caution about the pattern. You are doing wrap and turns (not my favourite because they never look neat). The pattern reads

Working Wraps Together with Wrapped Stitches:
Work the "wraps" at the turning points of the short rows, together with the stitches they wrap, as follows:
When working a RS row: Knit to wrapped stitch. Slip next stitch from left needle to right needle (ADD-LIKE A PURL), use tip of left needle to pick up "wrap" and place it on right needle, insert left needle into both wrap and stitch, and knit them together.
When working a WS row: Purl to wrapped stitch. Slip next stitch from left needle to right needle (ADD-LIKE A KNIT), use tip of left needle to pick up "wrap" and place it on right needle, slip both wrap and stitch back to left needle, purl together through back loops.

We had a very long weekend with little sleep. At 3am Sunday morning I heard a huge crash. I ran for the phone and was dialing 911 while looking out our front window. Someone wrapped their mini-van around a tree across from our house. Beth went to see if the person was alright-I couldn't go because I don't do blood well. The man was alert and Beth talked to him until the police/ambulance/fire trucks arrived. They had to totally cut the mini-van up to get him out. First the doors, then the sides then the roof. They took the seats out and then slid him on a spine board. From the time I dialed the phone until he was in an ambulance took 2 hours. It was another hour before the tow truck left and had the road cleaned up. I got back to sleep around 7am and slept until football-not a good subject-our fantasy team SUCKED this week.

Off to watch Vanished, CSI Miami and the football game.


Samantha said...

Good news! Your long post showed up. :)

Great tips about Lizard Ridge. I will have to keep that in mind for the next guild meeting.

Color on the Side is gorgeous. :)

Unknown said...

Holy Cats. What a sunday. I hope that your Big Sleep helped you get over the stress. Wow.