Sunday, January 15, 2006

Great patterns with great service and new shoes

I got a surprise in the mail on Friday. I ordered 2 patterns from a company called Got Knitted in the UK and they arrived much sooner than I expected. These are neat felted bags that I hope to knit when I get home from Las Vegas/San Diego. The bag on top is knit out of Noro Kureyon. The other bag uses a yarn from Southwest Trading but I will be using Kureyon for it as well. Now I will have to find some great purse handles at the trade show.

The shoe store down the street is having their annual sale to get rid of winter shoes. I bought a great pair of black suede cowboy boots. Not sure if they will ever come off my feet. I also bought a pair of brown dress shoes, pointed toes but not a very high heel. Now I will have great shoes for the trade show. I did need these because I bought a new suit on Friday to wear at the show and didn't have the exact right pair of shoes. Almost impossible but it was a dilemma.

I am sitting watching the football-Indy is losing and they better get their butts in gear!! Can't complain about having a tv beside the computer. Now I am moving into the living room to watch the game on the big screen and work on my Sirdar aran sweater.


Samantha said...

Nice bags!! Yay for new boots -- can't go wrong with new boots! :)

Rhonda said...

I love the top bags. They look big enough for knitting projects.
I can't believe you needed more shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

Every woman needs new shoes!!!

Unknown said...

what ? No boot Photos ? No shoe photos ? ? we are waiting....

Julie said...

I will try and get them photographed tonight