Saturday, November 12, 2005

Samantha and Wannietta meet

It was a crazy in the store today. Sarah (who works on Saturdays) was away in Montreal for the weekend so I was by myself. I keep hearing that the scarf craze is over-wrong. We sold yarn today for many, many scarves. The difference between this year and last is the yarn being used. Last year was 'Funny' and 'Fizz' - thick fluffy yarns. This year is totally different. Knitters are choosing finer yarns and knitting 2 or 3 strands together, many adding metallics. The other trend is exotic fibers-alpaca, silk, cashmere and angora.

There were also a few guest appearances today. Samantha was in with a knitting emergency. She is knitting a shawl for her mom and made a big, big mistake-check out her story-if I tried I think I could have had her in tears. The store was so busy that she had to take a seat for a bit. Luckily Wannietta came to the rescue. (The two had never met but have been reading eachothers blogs for the past month.) She arrived to pick up yarn and sat down to help Samantha as well as customers.

Beth and I took my parents out for dinner tonight. They are celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary this week. It's hard to believe that they have been married this long. We are happy to have grown up in a home with parents who love eachother. Well, we think they do. For many years we have been threatening them that if they think about divorcing we would bankrupt both of them!! There is no way that they could afford a divorce.

My dad is leaving for Honduras next week. Through our church he is going on a 2 week mission to help build a school. Beth went with him last year but couldn't get away from work again. He wanted me to go. NOT A CHANCE. There is no way that I can live for 2 weeks out of a back pack. No running water. No toilets. No washing machine. No curling iron. You even have to bring your own toilet paper. Anyone who knows me will be laughing at the thought of me on that trip. I can't go away for the weekend without a suitcase.

Not much knitting to report. I am going to sit in front of the tv for a bit, watch Hockey Night in Canada and finish the 2 shawls I am working on. Pictures to follow on Monday.


Samantha said...

43 years, that's awesome! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to your parents! :) What a great guy your Dad is to go and do that. I'm with you on the whole no toilets, running water thing. I can go camping for a couple of days, but it has to have toilets and running water.

Yes, probably if you had tried really hard you could have made me cry, but I'm tough, I would have waited until I was on the way home in the car to cry. I wouldn't have done it in the store. *lol* Thanks again, Julie. :)

Wannietta said...

43 years - that's inspiring! Please pass along my congratulations to your wonderful parents.
I can totally see your Dad doing this.
I'm with you though - I have definitely become accustomed to my ammenities - I don't even like the thought of camping. A nice hotel will do just fine thank you very much. lol