Thursday, October 20, 2005


Every year my sister (Beth) and I go on a vacation for the first week of December. Usually we go to Vegas but occaisionally a cruise is taken. Unfortunately it isn't going to happen this year. But I really, really need to get away so we are flying to Minneapolis for a weekend in December to go shopping at the Mall of America. What an amazing place. SHOES!!! Lots and lots of shoes stores. The shoe department in Norstroms is huge and beside that is DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse). The store is the size of a grocery store-aisles and aisles of shoes at great prices. Luckily Beth will be along to carry all the boxes. My best friend Bev will be coming along as well. There is a competition between us to see who can buy the most pairs while away (Bev always wins but I do try hard). Bev and I travel together often to yarn trade shows and an extra day is always planned so we can go shopping. Now you understand why I need to work so much-it is so I can fulfil my shoe obsession.

There has been a small change to my blog. I learned how to add titles to each post. You learn something new every day!!!

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