Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fall is definitely here

It is another cold and rainy day. I would give anything to have a fireplace-it is the perfect day to sit in front of it and knit.

Not much knitting to report. The scarf knit out of Trendsetter Pandora is done. This is Sarah who works for me. She decided to act up when I was taking her picture-who's laughing now Sarah? I knit the scarf lengthwise. 2 balls, 150 stitches on 9mm needles-knit every row. If I was to knit it again I would cast on 160 stitches to make it a bit longer.

I have yarn everywhere in my apartment (I live above my store). The building is 200 years old and all the ceilings have slopes in them. The couch in the living room can't go all the way to the wall so there is great storage behind it. Every once in a while I start pulling out bags just to see what is there. The greatest thing arrived yesterday-a Yarn Catcher. It is a canvas cube that stands open to hold your yarn and collapses flat for easy storage. It works great for keeping the yarn from rolling all over the floor (and out of Melo's reach). It is filled with Tahki Donegal Tweed-a dark purple colour with flecks of brighter purples and green. I keep dreaming of this yarn in a cabled sweater.

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Samantha said...

The scarf looks great!