Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another finished project...

and at this rate I might have all my started projects finished by the time I am 60. This is a poncho for a 2 year old knit out of Naturally's Colourworks. The yarn is chunky weight, handpainted, machine-washable wool. I knit it on 6mm circular needles-very, very easy. Now I have to sit down and write the pattern. There should be some kind of computer software where we enter the picture and the pattern is spit out. Now that would be amazing.

As a reward for finishing a project I get to start something new. This is a new yarn from Trendsetter called Pandora. (100% polyamide) There are actually three different yarns combined in one ball. As you knit it changes from one to the next-it looks like you keep changing yarns but without the ends to sew in.

The pink is for a scarf. Probably knit on the bias to get diagonal lines. I have chocolate brown arriving at the end of the week for a shawl that I am designing in my head.

With all the sports currently on tv I am not getting much knitting done. It is hard to hold the converter and knitting needles. Saturday night was flipping between NHL, NASCAR and baseball. Sunday was flipping from one football game to the next followed by baseball. Monday night was teaching followed by football and baseball. Tonight is easy tv viewing-The Amazing Race. As you can see, tv is a very big part of my life. After working 10-12 hours a day I need some relaxation time-it is also a good excuse to sit and knit.


Samantha said...

The poncho is lovely, and that yarn is very interesting ... It will make a really cool scarf. What *exactly* is polyamide yarn? I've never heard of such a creature.

Unknown said...

I guess we're the fan club Samantha!!

Re:Pandora Scarf - if the yarn changes are about the same as the Prisms', you could knit it the long way.

Julie said...

Polyamide is a man made fibre-a nice name for acrylic. It just sounds better I guess.

I have already cast on and started knitting lengthwise-just like the prism scarf. It is almost done-pictures tomorrow.

Samantha said...

YOU are using ACRYLIC? Isn't that blasphemous?! *wink* Thanks for the explanation, now I'll be less confused the next time someone says they're using Polyamide yarn. :)

Wanietta, I guess we are! :)